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TV Sales & Mounting

Need a new HD or 4K TV? Need a wall mount for your TV? Do you need a TV Mounted & installed professionally? We have been selling and installing TVs for over 20 years. We can run all the wiring thru walls, add outlets, connect to an existing home theater system, setup Roku/Apple TV/Media Players. If it has to do with a TV, we are the experts to handle the job!

Lighting & Lighting Control

Want the lights to go on at a certain time, or trigger from an event such as coming home or intruder motion? Need to lower your energy costs? We sell and install nurmerous low energy lighting solutions, lighting controls to suit your needs and save you money as well as make your life easier. So if it's a single room or an entire building we got you covered!

Cable & Network Wiring

Whether it's New Construction, an Existing home or office, we can handle all your data and audio/visual wiring. We sell and install wiring to fit all your home and business needs whether you need the fastest Category 8 network wiring or simply a pair of phone lines run we've got you covered!

Intercom & Speakers

Surround Sound, Home Theater, Sound Bars, Room to Room Intercom, Door Access/Control, Entry Intercom/Camera & more. We have it all! We started selling and installing home theater & surround sound systems 24 years ago! We sell the best speakers and receiver brands! We can wire your home or business for all intercom, speaker, or door access/control needs. Contact us for more info on the newest options!

Security Cameras

Want to protect your home or business? Keep an eye on employees or customers? Just want to watch the deliveries at your house? Well we have numerous solutions for all applications. Whether you want the newest Auto Tracking Dome camera, something hidden/discreet or a device to watch the dogs we can help you out from soup to nuts we sell and install complete systems and can repair existing systems.

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